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/MRSS/SRVA_MAINTAIN - Maintain Service Area

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To access this report, use transaction /MRSS/SRVA_MAINTAIN. In this transaction you assign service areas to resources.



You have implemented the Business Add-In (BAdI)/MRSS/RES_SERVICE_AREA and maintained service areas. For example, you can use geographical criteria to determine a service area.



Standard Variants



  1. Use transaction /MRSS/SRVA_MAINTAIN.
  2. Select a Service Area.
  3. Choose Enter.
  4. Select the desired service area attributes. For example determine, if the service area is a high cost area or if it is a remote area or if no service is offered in that area.
    Enter the maximum distance within a service area and an average speed from the service center to the customer location. The average speed is considered during appointment booking to calculate the rough travel distance between the customer's location and the tour midpoint of the resource.
  5. You can enter a message with details about the service area. The system will display this text during appointment booking.
  6. Choose Save.
  7. Choose the Resource Assginment tab to assign service areas to resources.
  8. Create a new row in the Resources table.
  9. Select the resource and the personnel number.
  10. You can specify a validity period for the service area assignment.
  11. Select the checkbox for the validity period.
  12. Under Assigned On select a weekday and a start and end time to define on which weekdays and at which time the resource should be assigned to the service area.
  13. Choose Enter.
    The system displays an overview of service area assignments for this resource on a daily basis.
  14. You can display the availability of a resource based on the day. Select the Display Resource Availability checkbox and select a time period within the validity period.
  15. Choose Enter.
  16. Choose Save.
You can assign various service areas to a resource by using the weekday selection or defining different validity periods.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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