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/MVA/AMVC_CREATE_DELIVERY - Create Central Telephone Number Delivery (Germany)

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This report is used to create the file containing the notification records for the central call of the German Insurance Association.



Periodic notification:

Relevant business transactions were executed during the dialog processing to ensure that data records are available for the notification to the German Insurance Association.

Annual notification:

Transaction /PM0/3FCA_BACKG was used to select the data for the annual notification.

The following parameters should be used for the selection:


Object type: ,,,,,,X

Application parameter 1: ,,/MVA/AMV_CTR

Application parameter 2: Enter the date of the annual run in format YYYYMMDD

Next, execute transaction /MVA/TRANSFER_DATA using the selection date entered above as the parameter (application parameter 2).



Periodic notification:

Path and file prefix of the notification file

Type of delivery: P

The notification number can also be entered to repeat a selection that had already been made. This is optional.

Annual notification:

Path and file prefix for the notification file

Date of the annual delivery (same as the date of the selection, see above)

Type of delivery: A

Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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