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/NAM/EASY_PAY_POST - Posting Payments from Lockbox or Over the Phone

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Post Payments made through Check, Credit Card, or Lock box.


The Report transfers the payment data from the application server file. Note the following for this file:

This program creates the application server file for the payment data done through checks, credit card, or lock box entries. The path of the application server file is submitted to standard program RFKKZE00. The payment data is posted, depending on the type of payment.



The application server file should have the following format:

  1. All fields must have character format.
  2. Every line can contain only one structure.
  3. The report expects the following for each file (take note of the sequence):
    1. One file header record (BFKKZGR00 structure) per file
    2. One payment lot header (BFKKZK structure)
    3. Any number of items (structure BFKKZP)
  4. If you transfer a check lot, the BFKKZK-XSCHS field must be filled with X.
  5. If you transfer a payment order lot, the BFKKZK-XZAUS field must be filled with X.
  6. If you transfer a credit card lot, the BFKKZK-XCRDS field must be filled with X.


The following steps are executed:

  1. Select the entries depending on type of payment to be posted. This can be done by choosing the appropriate radio button.
  2. With the selected entries, the application server file is created.
  3. Internal payment lot is created depending upon the type of Payment.
  4. The path of the application server is submitted to the program RFKKZE00.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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