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/NAM/RJHBAD_DEBT - Customer Credit Master Update for Bad Debt Write-Off

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When certain predefined conditions are met, balances on customer accounts are to be written-off. In order to achieve this, two programs are required.

The first program should identify and mark the accounts that are to be written-off and the second program should write-off the account balances by posting FI documents. The second program updates the Customer Credit Master for Bad Debt Write-off. The values to be updated in credit master are read from the database table /NAM/JHBAD_DEBT.




The following fields are updated in the credit master:

1. Credit Limit

2. Credit management: Risk category

3. Credit representative group for credit management

4. Indicator: Is this blocked by credit management?


The following fields are displayed on the selection screen:

1. Company Code

2. BP Category

3. Customer

4. Parameter Date

5. Test Run Indicator

Standard Variants


In test mode, the report displays the details of those customers who are to be updated.

If the test mode is not checked, then the credit master will be updated.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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