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/NAM/RJHMASS_SB_WOFF - Write-Off Small Balances on Customer Accounts

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Transaction /NAM/JHMASS_SB_WOFF can be used to Write-off Small Balances that are owed to a customer or the company itself. The basis on which the records to be written-off can be maintained using transaction Maintain Conditions for Small balance Write-off





The selection screen has five input parameters:

  • Company Code (Mandatory)
  • Customer Number (Optional)
  • Document Date (Mandatory)
  • Posting Date (Mandatory): Date by which the postings are to be done
  • Test Run (Check Box): Click this checkbox to post the records to be written off in test mode only. These postings will not be written to the database.

Standard Variants


The program displays all the documents that are eligible to be written-off according to the criteria set in the customizing settings in SPRO.


Select some entries that need to be written-off and post them by clicking on the "Post FI Documents" on the application toolbar.

If the program is running in test mode, then the button will have the text "TEST FI POSTING" and an ALV is displayed showing the results of the POST BAPI for each customer and company code combination.

If the program is executed in the real mode, then the posting is done and a message log ALV is displayed. If the BAPI commit fails, an error message is displayed on the ALV.

The user can view any document by clicking on the document number on the ALV report.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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