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/NAM/RJJ_AGENT_REASSIGN - Sales Agent Contract Mass Reassignment

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This can be used to reassign the contract requirements or requirement elements of a sales agent contract to different contracts.





The selection screen has two input parameters:

  1. Contract number (Optional field)
  2. Sales Agent (Mandatory field)

Standard Variants


The program displays the contracts and their requirements in a tree format.


The corresponding requirement elements can be viewed by double-clicking on the requirement node. The contract requirement and requirement element each has a checkbox. The selected entries can be reassigned to some other contract by clicking on the Assign button on the application toolbar. The assignment can be un-done by selecting the assigned entries and then clicking on the Undo Assign button on the application toolbar.

Note that these assignments are reassigned or updated to the database only when the transaction is saved. Any errors occurring during the database update are displayed in an ALV report output.


Take a test contract from transaction JJV3 and reassign it using this program. The reassignment can again be checked for the final contract using the transaction JJV3.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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