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/NAM/RJK_BONUS_ITEM_CREATE - Generate Bonus Day/Up-Give Items

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Report used to create Bonus Item / Up-give Item for Subscription Orders.


Create Bonus Item or Up-give Item for those Subscription Orders that are not suspended or redirected within the specified period in the selection screen.

Bonus Item is always a free item.

Up-give Item can be Standard, Trial, or Free Items.

Block - 'Selection of data'

You can set the combination that you want to use to create a Bonus/Up-give Item. Discounted Orders can be restricted by setting the Discount Limit.

Block - 'Attributes for Item'

You can specify Attributes for the newly-created Bonus Item/Up-give Item . If Attributes are not specified, then the Item attributes will be taken from Reference Order Item.

Block - 'Test Run'

In Test Run, no updates are made to the database.

Detailed list: Contains Bonus/Up-give items, for which processing was successfully performed.




Standard Variants


  1. The report creates Bonus/Up-give Items.
  2. The error log is updated (contains both Items processed successfully and error orders). The Error log can be analyzed later through transaction code /NAM/BONUS_LOG. Error log contains:
    Test run or Actual Update
    For Error Items: Display Order Number and Error Text
    For Success Items: Display Item overview for Order
  3. Attributes of the created Items on ALV are displayed if the Detailed List is checked.

Please note: If nothing is specified in the selection screen, the program will create Bonus/Up-give Item for all Subscription Orders. This can lead to longer runtimes. If a large number of records need to be processed, run this Program as a Background Job.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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