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/OSP/CHECKTOOL - Duet Technical and Application Check Tool

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The current version of the Duet Check Tool consists of the following standalone Duet Check programs:

Use the programs in the tool to evaluate the technical setup and application configuration required for Duet, in your SAP system.


The Duet Check Tool is a standalone program from which you navigate to the other programs in navigation tree.

The checks have been categorized by the type of check and by the Duet scenario. If a scenario is not applicable to a Duet installation, then these checks can be ignored.


The SAP system must have all software components required for Duet.

To verify if support packages and patches are at the correct level within mySAP ERP, refer to the Duet Check Tool: Support Package Checks for details.



Standard Variants



  1. Using the tree in the Duet Check Tool, choose the execute link for the Duet Check program you want to activate.
  2. Choose Information to open the documentation for the corresponding Duet Check program.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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