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/OSP/CHECKTOOL_SCU0 - Duet Check Tool: Customizing Cross-System Viewer

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SAP delivers some pre-configured data for Duet. This configuration is delivered to SAP client 000. The configurations enable the SAP system to work with Duet business applications.

We recommend that you copy this configuration from client 000 to the client you are configuring for Duet.

For example, there is a sample for customizing Application Behavior settings necessary to complete the configuration settings in mySAP ERP environment for use with Duet.

This report (/OSP/CHECKTOOL_SCU0) provides client comparison functions for customizing tables for Duet. The functionality is supported by the standard Customizing Cross-System Viewer (Transaction SCU0).


This Duet Check program (/OSP/CHECKTOOL_SCU0) is delivered with Duet Check Tool, though you can activate it as a standalone report using the transaction SA38 or SE38.


The SAP system must have all software components required for Duet. To verify if support packages and patches are at the correct level within mySAP ERP, refer to the Duet Check Tool: Support Package Checks for details.



Customizing Option

  • Duet Assist Mode - Select this mode if you want to prepare a list of customizing objects for Duet, available in your mySAP ERP system.

    You will then perform client comparison functions using manual input of the standard Customizing Cross-System Viewer (Transaction SCU0).
  • Expert Mode - Select this mode if you want to execute the standard Customizing Cross-System Viewer (Transaction SCU0) immediately.

Standard Variants

The following standard SAP variants are delivered for launching the report from the Duet Check Tool menu:

  • SAP&DUET - Duet Assisted Mode selection
  • SAP&SCU0 - Expert Mode selection



You perform comparison and adjustment of customizing objects between the SAP client 000 and the Duet SAP working client.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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