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/OTEI/ACT_LOG_CONSIST_CHECK - Employee File Management Activity log: Clean Up

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With this report you are able to delete log entries for documents which do not exist anymore. The deletion will be done accordingly to the customized delete options for the activity log (IMG| OpenText Business Suite for SAP Solutions| Employee File Management (EFM)| Basic settings| Configure Activity Log delete options).

The program parameters are:

,,Project (mandatory)

,,View (mandatory)

,,With del./move log (optional)

,,Document type (optional).

If you do not restrict the document types then all document types which have are configured for deletion in the IMG customizing will be considered. When you mark the 'With del./move log' flag then only documents for which an activity log entry with activity 'Document moved - Source' (activity 10) or 'Document deleted' (activity 13) exists will be considered. Otherwise it will be checked for all documents which have entries in the activity log, if they are still existing.

Before the final deletion of the log entries a dialog will show the selected log entries and you will have the chance to cancel the deletion. Once deleted entries cannot be retrieved again.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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