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/OTEI/COPY_IMG_CUSTOMIZING - Copy EFM IMG customizing entries

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This report allows you to copy EFM specific customizing entries project, version, view and language dependent.



You can restrict the source and target entries with following parameter:

From Project,,- Defines DocuLink project for the source customizing (mandatory)

From Version,,- Defines Version for the project of the source customizing

From View,,,,- Defines View for the project of the source customizing

Language,,,,- Defines language for the source customizing

To Project,,,,- Defines the target project. Copied customizing entries will be created for this project (mandatory)

To Version,,,,- Defines version of the target project

To View,,,,- Defines view of the target project

When you do not select a 'From view' and copy view dependent customizing, then the customizing for all views is copied. It is not possible to select a 'To View' without selecting a 'From View'.

With parameter 'Request/Task' you can define a customizing transport request to which all copied customizing entries will be written.

You have to mark at the selection screen every customizing you want to copy. Each option corresponds to a EFM or DocuLink IMG activity. The customizing options are divided into following sections:

,,Version dependent customizing:

,,,,Project dependent user-exits

,,,,Attribute object dep. user-exits

,,,,DL project dep. user-exits

,,,,DL attribute object dep. user-exits

,,Version and view dependent customizing:

,,,,DocuLink start picture

,,,,Functon codes in DL toolbar

,,,,Function codes at DL nodetype

,,,,Activity workflow customizing

,,,,Workflow deletion options

,,,,User-Exits for document change

,,Version, view and language dependent customizing:

,,,,DocuLink titlebar

,,,,DocuLink view description

,,,,Function code texts DL toolbar

,,,,Function code texts nodetype

,,View dependent customizing:

,,,,Thumbnail view

,,,,Basic settings

,,,,Activity Log

,,,,Activity Log deletion options

,,,,Flexible folder structure

,,,,Document Upl.: Document types

,,View and language dependent customizing:

,,,,Document Upl.: Ticket Subjects

,,,,Inbox Appl.: Title & Subtitle

,,,,Document Upload: Emails


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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