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/PEC/TOOL_TABLES - Pecaso: Download / Upload of DB tables

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Download / Upload of tables


With this report you can make an up-/download of database tables. If you want to make an upload, it will be checked your pasword. At download there will be created a header-file, a data-file and a nametab-file of selected table


In the first selection-block you can choose between up- and download and you can also put in the path for table download.

In the second selection block you can put in tablenames

In the third selection-block you can choose language keys and country groupings.

In the last selection-block you can choose two printouts, an errorlist and a list of selection data

For table-upload you have to indicate your pasword


- List of selection data

- Errorlist

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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