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/PERSONAS/XPRA_300_SP4_TO_SP5 - XPRA to migrate data from 300 SP04 to 300 SP05

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The XPRA report migrates SAP Screen Personas 300 SP04 data to 300 SP05 data model. The conversion involves moving flavor version data from one set of tables to another. The report also converts theme data from an XML based changes field to a new theme changes table. The report also copies certain settings to a new internal settings table. The report can be restarted and it will only migrate data that did not previously migrate successfully.



The report is configured as an XPRA report to be run during the upgrade from SAP Screen Personas 300 SP04 to SP05.



Standard Variants



The report adds entries to the transport log during execution. If there are any failures, they will marked as errors and will contain necessary information on further steps. The upgrade is successful even if some of the flavors and themes are not upgraded. The report can be re-executed at a later point in time for any failed conversions. If the errors persist after re-execution, an incident can be created for the component BC-PER with information from the log.


General Material Data   TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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