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/PLMB/R_AUTH_ARCHIVE_SID_WRITE - Archiving Secure ID - Write Program

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This is a write program to archive runtime tables and the changes from CDHDR, CDPOS and CDPOS_UID.


You can access the report /PLMB/R_ARCHIVE_SID_WRITE using the transaction SARA in the Archive Development Kit (ADK).




The report /PLMB/R_ARCHIVE_SID_WRITE gives users the options for restricting the range of the owner type and the date when the context is created.

Standard Variants


After the archiving run, the system generates a spool list, which documents the archiving run. At the start of the list there is an information summary of the number of archived database entries.

At the end of the list, the individual archived database entries of all the archived Secure IDs are displayed.

The data record is archived. During the deletion run, the system deletes this data record provided that its status is identical in both the archive and the database and that links no longer exist.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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