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/PLMB/SEA_EXTRACT_OBJKEY - PLM Enterprise Search Object Key Extractor

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Enterprise search provides search capabilities for the following the object types, among others:

  • Material BOM
  • Document Info Record
  • Engineering Change Record
  • Ingredient (semantic object)
  • Label
  • Material
  • Product Variant
  • Product Family
  • Recipe
  • Process Parameter Master
  • Specification

These objects have certain keys in the persistency layer that have to be converted, split, or concantenated during runtime to join with subobjects, or other relevant objects.

This runtime processing can be prevented by storing a temporary converted value of the relevant attributes. This can be considered a pre-step for object search, and results in a performance benefit.

Technical artifacts of this process are:

  • technical job /PLMB/SEA_EXTRACT_OBJKEY
  • table /PLMB/SEA_OBJMAP

The technical job is scheduled periodically to create the necessary linkage and converted value data (via database records) therefore the search scope is kept actualized automatically.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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