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/PLMI/ER_CI_DELETE - Delete Engineering Record Change Items From XML Storage

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You can use this report to delete change items from case management-based XML storage after these change items have been migrated to the engineering record database tables.

This report is an optional subsequent step to clean up the change items in the XML storage. It deletes only change items that have already been migrated.

If this report is not run, you will have duplicate data that is resolved by archiving at a later point in time.



  • The authorization object PLM Authorizations for Eng. Record Change Item Migration (PLM_ECR_CI) must be assigned to your user.



Standard Variants



  1. Run the prerequisite report Migrate Change Items from XML Storage to Engineering Record Database (/PLMI/ER_CI_TRANSFER).
  2. Open this report, Delete Engineering Record Change Items From XML Storage (/PLMI/ER_CI_DELETE) in transaction SE38.
  3. Select the engineering record type or types for which you want to delete change items from XML storage, by using the F4 help for the Engineering Record Type field or by using the using the Multiple Selection available via the icon.
  4. Choose Execute.
    The system now deletes the relevant change items from XML storage. If required, you can check the related job in the application log in transaction SLG1.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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