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/PLMI/PLM_ER_CDS_VIEW_ANALYSIS - Generate CDS View for Analysis of Engineering Record Header Data

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You can use this report to generate a Core Data Services (CDS) view for the analysis of engineering record header data. It creates key performance indicators (KPIs) for engineering record types. This CDS view can then, for example, be consumed in SAP Lumira.

Note that if you only use SAP standard tables for your engineering record header data, you can use the default view /PLMI/C_ER_STDHD or the DDL source /PLMI/C_ER_STD_HDR_ANLYS delivered by SAP.





Standard Variants



  1. Under Object Name, specify names for your DDL source and view.
  2. Under Object Properties, specify the engineering record type or types for which you want to generate the CDS view, and select how you want the fields related to the header data of engineering records of this type to be included. If necessary, specify your fields (also known as dimensions) manually.
  3. Set the Transform Timestamps flag if you want the system to transform timestamps when the CDS view is generated. If this flag is set, the system creates additional fields for creation dates, last changed dates, and closed dates in the CDS view.
  4. Under Transportation, set the Transport Objectflag if you want to transport your generated CDS view to other systems. If you set this flag, the system will ask you to specify a transport request as part of the CDS view generation.
  5. Optional: You can use the Rename Dimensions in View button to manually assign the names you want to use in the CDS view via the Dimension in View column.
  6. Executethe report.
    The table with the dimensions or fields appears, and you can see the name of the CDS view you have created at the top of the screen and in the related success message.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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