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/PM0/ABC_IBC_BUFFER_ADMIN_GNRL - Management of Delivered Products

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Before you import the product data from SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance (FS-PRO) to In-Force Business Configurator, these product deliveries must be stored in an import buffer in FS-PM. You can use this program to manage these product deliveries.

In FS-PRO, a new sales product is created or an existing one is changed. It is then transferred to FS-PM in the 'Publish' step. In FS-PM, the product deliveries are stored in the import buffer. Usually the current product delivery is then automatically imported. Then the status of the delivery is adjusted accordingly.

However it is also possible to save the delivery without immediately executing the import. In this cause, you must execute the import manually.

You can do the following in this program:

  • View whether there are any deliveries at all from FS-PRO, and if so, from whom and the date of import
  • Display a delivery (product, listing values) in XML format
  • Import one or more deliveries in simulation mode
  • Define one or more deliveries
  • Delete one or more deliveries



An RFC connection must be established between FS-PRO and FS-PM so that the RFC function module /PM0/ABC_IBC_RECEIVE_GNRL can be called in FS-PM. This connection is made in FS-PRO.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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