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/PM0/ABC_IBC_GNRL_IMPORT_SIM - Execute IFBC Import In Simulation Mode

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You can execute the import of product modules and listing values from the import buffer in simulation mode. In simulation mode, the import does not change any data in In-Force Business Configurator.


The method CHANGE_IMPORT_PARAMETERS_SIM of the BAdI: Enhancements for Import and Import Simulation for FS-PRO allows the prefilling of certain selection parameters with customer-specific values. For more information, see the documentation for the Customizing activity.


Data from SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance (FS-PRO) to be imported to In-Force Business Configurator actually exists (see the Manage Buffer pushbutton).



  • ID of an import buffer
The product data from FS-PRO is always stored in the import buffer initially. To call the import buffer, choose the Manage Product Data pushbutton. For more information, see Managing the Import Buffer.
  • Problem Class
Here you determine which messages are displayed in the log.
The standard setting is 2 for Important. The system then displays messages of the Important problem class and higher (= Very Important). Less important messages are not recorded, and thus do not appear in the log.
  • You can make a setting to determine that no listing values are imported.

Standard Variants


The system displays a log after the import.


  1. Execute the IFBC import first in simulation mode. You can then view the log of the simulation run and correct any problems that may occur.
  2. Only start the update run after the simulation run.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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