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/PM0/ABC_IBC_TEMPLATE_DUPLICAT - Analyze Templates of A Product Module

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You can use this function to display all of the templates that exist for a product module, with their properties (value ranges, field modifiers, default values, business transactions, and so on). This lets you compare the various templates with each other.

If a property has two templates with different values, the system displays these differences. If the properties of the two templates do not differ, these template are not displayed.

It is always necessary to make this comparison when the IFBC import does not return a 1:1 connection between product module and templates and you have to select a template manually in order to establish the required relationships between templates. The function thus also serves as a basis for determining the preferred template (in In-Force Business Configurator, this is the Preferred Template checkbox on the Basic Data tab page).



  • The data was already imported from the product tables to In-Force Business Configurator.
  • More than one template must exist for a product module, otherwise the system does not display any result.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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