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/PM0/ABQ_DEL_TEMPDATA - Delete Temporary Migration Data of Policies

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This program deletes temporary data created during technical migration and functional validation.

The migration of a policy can only be considered as completed once this temporary data has been deleted.



Policies have been migrated from a legacy system to FS-PM using LSMW (or with BAdI /PM0/BAPI_ABQ_POL_MASSMIGR) and functional validation has taken place (/PM0/ABQ_MIGRATION_VALIDATION).



  • Policy Number
Use the policy number to restrict the dataset to be selected.
  • Number of Entries per Interval
Specify the number of policies in an interval from which temporary data is to be deleted. This setting lets you access the database for reading and deleting data according to packages, depending on the database you use.
  • Simulate
If this checkbox is selected, the data will not be deleted from the database. The system merely identifies the data to be deleted.

Standard Variants


An output list displays the policies from which temporary data has been deleted and lists which policies do not have validated versions.


After execution of the technical migration, versions exist on the database that are not suitable for the further processing. These are converted into editable versions during functional validation, using checks and derivations among other things.

Therefore the system creates a temporary key during the mass transfer of data. During the validation or update process, the system creates an application and, if successful, saves this with the final policy number.

Temporary journal entries are written during technical migration.

You must delete this data before you can process the validated and released policies.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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