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You can use this report to compare two policies and to check whether and to what extent they differ.



  • You have selected two policies of the same sales product to be compared.
  • You use the product engine msg.PM.



You can select the policies to be compared by entering Policy Number A and Policy Number B. The system compares all the entities that are defined in business object model FS_PM_POLICY_MANAGEMENT. You can restrict which entities are compared by selecting a Comparison Variant. A comparison variant specifies which entities and fields are not included when policies are compared. You define comparison variants in developer Customizing under Help Programs → Compare Policies → Define Comparison Variants for Comparing Policies.

You set the Compare All Versions That Affect Contract checkbox to specify whether you want to compare the current version of the selected policies or all the versions that affect the contract.

The system first compares the number of data records in the entities and, if this number is the same for both policies, it then compares the individual fields.

Standard Variants


The system displays the results on the Policy Comparison - Results screen as follows:

In the Result group box, the system specifies whether the selected policies are identical or not.

If the number of data records is different in an entity, the system displays this difference in the Different Number of Data Records group box. If this kind of difference exists, the system does not show the differences in the individual fields.

If the number of data records is the same but the individual fields are different, the system displays these differences in the Variances group box. This is where the hierarchical structure of the compared policy versions and the corresponding field names and their values are displayed (referred to as Field Value A and Field Value B).

If you have compared all the versions of the policies affecting the contract, the most current policy version is displayed first. You can select the other policy versions in the Policy Version field. The Difference from Policy Version field specifies whether the difference results from the selected policy version or from an older policy version.


You call this report in developer Customizing under Help Programs → Compare Policies ->Compare Policies.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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