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/PM0/ABX_TLOG_CREATE - Create Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing

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You can use this program in periodic processing (for example, Update, Cash Flow Transfer, or Print Formatting) to create an overview of the current milestones for the processing of a policy. When a milestone is reached, method ON_MILESTONE_REACHED of Business Add-In (BAdI) BAdI: Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing is called.



You have activated the inactively delivered implementation /PM0/IMPL_TLOG_STATUS_BADI of the above BAdI or you use messages to save milestone information. In Customizing for Policy Management, choose In-Force Business Management -> Basis -> Update -> Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) ->BAdI: Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing.



You must specify the run ID for the periodic processing activity for which the created messages are to be evaluated. Using the run ID, you select a periodic processing activity for which a milestone overview is to be created.

First execute a simulation run, then the update run. Afterwards you can display the created milestone overview with the Display Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing transaction.

In a simulation run, you can simulate the creation of a milestone overview. In an update run, you can create and save the data required for the milestone overview.

The program sets the overall status to green when all milestones for the selected periodic processing activity have been successfully completed.

Standard Variants


  • The program outputs a success or error message.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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