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/PM0/ABX_TLOG_DISPLAY - Display Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing

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You can use this program for periodic processing to display an existing milestone overview.

For each policy, you can determine whether periodic processing was executed as expected. You can apply filters and sorting methods to determine whether, for instance, specific situations caused problems in a large number of policies.

You can use this program as a template for customer-specific evaluation programs.



You have created the data to be displayed with the Create Milestone Overview for Periodic Processing program (see requirements there).



Standard Variants


The program displays an overview of the policies selected in the update run and their current milestones:

  • Select the policy and choose Inquiry to display the selected policy with the Inquiry business process.

  • Select a policy and choose Application Logs to display the message texts of the executed periodic processing.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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