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/PM0/INFOCONTAINER_SIMULATOR - Simulate Information Container

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You can use this program to simulate the arrival of messages from the old information container for the information categories V001, V006, and V008 in Policy Management through the information container interface of FS-CD.

The follow-up actions are executed for the respective information categories.

Information that is additionally transferred with the new information container, as well as information categories that are only supported in the infrastructure of the new information container, cannot be simulated.



  • The insurance object exists and it is defined in a contract in Policy Management.
  • The contract that references the insurance object in FS-CD exists on the chosen date.
  • The current system is not the production system. Execution in the production system is not allowed.



In the insurance object and business partner, you define the contract for which a follow-up action is to be executed in FS-PM.

Different details are required for different information categories:

  • Special Dunning Level (V001)
Simulates the reaching of a dunning level or the end of dunning in the collections/disbursements system.
  • Customer-Init. Payment (V006)
Simulates an additional payment in the collections/disbursements system that is reported to FS-PM through the information container interface.
  • Reset Actual Investment (V008)
Simulates the reversal or reset of a document in the collections/disbursements system.

Standard Variants


The information container entry is saved in FS-PM. The status of scheduling can be read with transaction /PM0/ABT_INFO_D Display Information Container.

Follow-up actions are scheduled or executed.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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