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/PMG/GE_FILE_EXECUTE_BTX - Background tool to upload file and execute BTX

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You can use this report to upload a Microsoft Excel file which contains the policy details and the business transaction IDs. It has to be scheduled for changes.



You have implemented the Business Add-In (BAdI) /PMG/GE_FILE_EXTRACT_BADI which uploads the Microsoft Excel file into the system and converts the data into the format required by the business transaction service class to schedule the BTS.

To validate the input data, the BAdI /PMG/GE_CHECK_INPUT_BTX_BADI is called inside the BTX service class. We recommend to perform the checks inside this BAdI for the customer-related field data.



Enter the file path and name to execute the report.

Select With Header and enter data under Row Selection to specify file details, for example, whether the file has a header or whether it is possible to only upload selected rows.

Standard Variants



  • Execute: The file is uploaded to the system and the business transaction (BTX) service class is called the BTS job gets scheduled for the policy.
  • Display log: Displays the log generated during the BTX execution. This log is saved and can be retrieved by via transaction SLG1, using the details below:
  • Object: /PMG

  • Subobject: BTX_FILE

  • Edit BTS: Displays the list of policies for which the BTS jobs have been scheduled.


The sample implementation /PMG/CL_GE_FILE_EXTRACT_BTX for BAdI /PMG/GE_FILE_EXTRACT_BADI uploads a sample Microsoft Excel file.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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