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/PMG/GE_SEL_REPORT - Selection of Result Sets of Master Policies

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The selection report enables the user to select a subset of policies from the master policy based on specific filter options. A new transaction Select Group Insurance Policiesis created which will trigger the selection report. This report operates within a specific master policy. The obligatory input parameter is master policy number. Either effective date or Load Current Statusalso has to be provided to start the execution of selection report. If the effective date is provided by the user, all policies that belong to the master policy at the given effective date will be selected similar to Business Process Inquiry. If Load Current Statusis checked by the user, the effective date field will be disabled.

The selection inputs allow the system to check for policies that match the given selection criteria. Selection will create a result set which contains a set of policies within the master policy. The result set will be stored in the database with a result set ID (together with a name) which can be later used to display the result through a different transaction. The result set ID can also be used in the mass change business process to perform changes on the selected policy set.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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