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/POA/R_CLM_CG_REP01 - CLM Content Group Report 01 : Entity validation error analysis

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This error report is targeted at developers to diagnose issues and problems with content group extracts, where the content group is in error status, in the Content Lifecycle Management application. It allows you to display the content group metadata and to see the breakdown of content records.


You check the application log and depending on the type of errors, you run this report for further information. The errors displayed here are only errors related to content records.


The report displays all content records in the content group that have errors occurring. Each line displays a separate error and corresponds to a field in a content record.


  • You can display the XML version of the content group by choosing Display Metadata.
  • You can display the details of the individual content records by choosing the Details icon.
This displays information such as the ID and description of the content record.
  • Double-clicking the content record displays the contained fields and associated values.
You can cross reference the ID from the main table with the ID here to receive more information about the specific field of the content record that is causing the error.


You can run the report by entering a content group ID, for example, 2.555 and choosing Execute. The default layout is /BASIC.


Error message ORGUNIT/REG_ATTRS_REG not found in metadata is displayed in main table. Double-clicking the content record displays the corresponding value for that field.

Content record status examples:

  • 01 - Initial
  • 05 - Type error
  • 10 - Metadata validation error
  • 45 - Reference error
  • 95 - OK

Content record type examples:


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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