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/POSDW/RLPA_PROCESS_INIT_PTN - LPA : Historical Data Loading for New Patterns with Initial Status

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This report searches for fraudulent transactions among POS transactions with particular combinations of Profile, Store ID, and Business Date. It searches for patterns with an Initial status only, and then converts the status of these patterns to Active.





Standard Variants




A pattern ZABC exists with the status Initial. It is based on the item scan rate template, the pattern only considers transactions with an item count greater than five as fraudulent transaction.

If you execute a report for the date 01-01-2001and the store ID R110 then all the transactions with this combination of date and ID will go through the pattern ZABC. Transactions with an item count greater than five are identified as fraudulent and are moved to the delta queue.The status of the pattern is changed from Initial to Active.

If you try to execute the report once again it will not work, as the status of pattern ZABC is now Active.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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