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/RPM/BUCKET_ROLLUP - Bucket and Initiative Roll Up

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This report rolls up all the financial and capacity information from initiative, item and item of initiative level to all the buckets or initiatives above it, in accordance with the hierarchy of the portfolio and the configuration maintained.

The system can perform the bucket and initiative rollup for the following combinations of objects:

  • Items of initiative and standalone items (default configuration)
  • Initiatives and standalone items

The system can also roll up items to their respective initiatives.

The roll up of financial and capacity data of an initiative, item or item of initiative is carried out for the corresponding views and groups in buckets or initiatives for which a financial and capacity view is defined as Roll Up.



You have defined financial and capacity views as Roll Up in Customizing, by choosing SAP Portfolio and Project Management -> Portfolio Management -> Global Customizing -> Portfolio-Independent Settings ->Define Financial and Capacity Views.

You have executed the report /RPM/PLAN_INT_PREP for all buckets underneath the portfolio.



  • Test Mode: Always execute the report in test mode first, by setting the indicator. If no errors occur, execute the report in production mode.
  • Portfolio ID
  • Exchange Rate Date: You use this for currency conversions
  • Exchange Rate Type: You use this for currency conversions

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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