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/RPM/MASTERLANGUAGE_MAINT - Multilingual Portfolio Maintenance

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This report enables you to perform mass changes to Portfolio Management objects whose texts are maintained in multiple languages. You can use this report for the following purposes:

  • To assign a master language to portfolios or cross-portfolio classification hierarchies, and copy existing portfolio texts to the master language
    This enables you to adjust existing data after you have enabled master language assignment in Customizing.
  • To change the master language of portfolios and copy existing portfolio texts to the new master language
  • To copy portfolio texts from one language to another without assigning or changing the master language



  • In Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under Portfolio Management ->Global Customizing ->Global Settings, you have made the following settings:
  • In the activity Override Default Global Settings, you have enabled master language assignment using the general default value 0050 Master Language. Choose value X (= Enabled), or M (= Mandatory).

  • In the activity Specify Text Languages, you have defined permitted text languages for portfolio and project maintenance.

  • You have superuser authorization for Portfolio Management, that is, your user master record contains a role or profile in which you have been granted administration authorization for all Portfolio Management objects using the authorization object ACO_SUPER.


The report always selects and processes entire portfolios or classification hierarchies including their lower-level objects. In the case of classification hierarchies, this includes classification buckets, collections, and reviews that were created specifically for the classification hierarchy. It excludes all objects that are part of a portfolio and are only assigned to the classification hierarchy. The excluded objects are buckets of portfolios, as well as items, initiatives and their related objects, such as templates, versions, dependencies, what-if scenarios and decision points.

All language-dependent texts of the portfolio or hierarchy objects that are available in the source language are copied to the target or master language, except for the following:

  • Texts in snapshots of items, initiatives, and the corresponding decision points
  • Texts that already exist in the target or master language


You can identify the objects to be processed by specifying the following Selection Options:

  • IDs of the portfolios or cross-portfolio classification hierarchies
  • Whether you want to select only portfolios and classification hierarchies to which no master language has been assigned yet

You control the report features to be executed by specifying the following Execution Options:

  • Whether you want to assign a master language to the selected objects and copy existing texts to this master language, or whether you only want to copy texts
  • Source language from which texts are copied
    You can select any logon language. This ensures that you can copy old texts created before master language assignment was enabled in your system.
  • Master or target language to be assigned and/or to which texts are copied
    You can only select the permitted languages defined in Customizing (see Prerequisites).
  • Execution mode (productive or test)
    If you choose Test Run, the system carries out all checks and displays the message log without updating the objects.

As Output Options, you can choose the kind of log to be displayed after report execution.

Standard Variants


The message logs provide a hierarchical overview of the objects selected by the report, as well as the messages issued for them.
The error log only contains objects for which errors and warnings have been raised. It documents the following issues:

  • Update errors
  • Failure to lock objects
  • Unavailability of texts in the source language

The complete message log displays all selected objects. In addition to errors and warnings, it documents all changes that have been made.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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