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/RPM/MIGRATE_MSPC_OBJ_LINKS - Migration of MSPC Object Links

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You use this report to migrate Microsoft Project (MSP) object links from an item in SAP RPM 4.5 to the underlying project in SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0, by importing the mpp files imported to the item in SAP RPM 4.5 to the underlying project in SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0.



  • You correctly set up the logical port to connect to the SAP RPM 4.5 portal, as follows:
    In transaction SOAMANAGER, you have created a logical port with the name RPMKM for the consumer proxy class /RPM/CO_REPOSITORY_FRAMEWORK_W . To do this, choose Application and Scenario Communication ->Single Service Administration. In the Search Byfield, select Consumer Proxy, in the Search Pattern field, enter /RPM/CO_REPOSITORY_FRAMEWORK_W, and in the Fieldfield, select Internal Name. Choose Go. Select the entry found and choose Apply Selection. Choose Configurations. Choose Create Logical Port to create a logical port.

    Note: Make sure that you use the authentication setting User ID / Password to log on to the SAP RPM 4.5 system with a user that has content administrator rights.
  • You have made sure that all the SAP RPM 4.5 objects such as items and cProjects projects are already migrated when you run this report.



General options

Test Mode (No Database Update)

  • ,,If you select the checkbox, the system does not update the database.
  • ,,If you do not select the checkbox, the system updates the database and stores the logs.

Doc. Content Size Limit (Bytes)

Specify the expected maximum file size of the document to be migrated.

Note: If a document to be migrated is bigger than the size set in this limit, the migration will fail for the object link. By default, the value is set to 2,147,483,647 bytes, which is the maximum file size of a file that may be migrated.

Standard Variants


All the SAP RPM 4.5 object links are migrated to the underlying projects in SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0.


  • Any object links that were successfully migrated earlier are skipped if the report is run again.
  • Migration will fail for an object link if there is no mpp file present in the Knowledge Management (KM) repository for the object link. This situation may arise if the file has been deleted manually from KM.
  • If the user that created and/or modified the mpp file is not present in the target system, the user that runs the migration is taken as the creator and/or modifier of the mpp file that is imported.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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