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/RPM/MIGRATION_AUX_TOOLS - Portf. Mgmt Migration: Undo Migration Runs

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The purpose of this report is to undo the earlier migration runs performed for the SAP xRPM 2.0 objects (portfolio/bucket, item, cProjects project migration).



The portfolio/bucket, items, or cProjects projects should be already present (through earlier migration reports - /RPM/MIGRATION_CATEGORIES, /RPM/MIGRATION_ITEMS, /RPM/MIGRATION_2_CP_PROJECTS) for the respective undo option in the selection screen. For example if the option chosen is to delete only the cProjects project, then only the cProjects project object data will be deleted.



  • Test Mode (No Database Update)
  • If you set the indicator, database updates will not occur.

  • If you do not set the indicator, the database will be updated and logs will be stored.

  • Delete Portfolio with Items
Select a single portfolio ID from the dropdown list. Choose only an already migrated portfolio.
  • Delete Item(s)
Select a single item ID or a range of item IDs from the dropdown list. Choose only already migrated items.
  • Delete Complete Portfolio
Deletes everything under the portfolio (mentioned in the previous step), such as items, cProjects projects, buckets and the portfolio itself.
  • Delete Portfolio Item(s)
Deletes all the items under the portfolio and the corresponding cProjects project.
  • Delete cProjects Projects
Deletes the cProjects projects only. The cProjects project data is deleted, but the cProjects project header still exists. The header data will be deleted when you delete the item.

Standard Variants


Based on the selection options selected, the respective objects will be deleted.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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