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/RPM/MIGRATION_OBJ_LINK_TYP - Migrate Object Link Types

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This report converts all SAP Portfolio Management object links of the source object link type to object links of the target object link type.

The underlying grouping and category of the source and target object link types must be the same.



You have maintained the target object link type with the same grouping and category as the source object link type in Customizing, by choosing Define DFM Object Link Types.



Test Mode (No Database Update): If you set the indicator, the report runs on simulation mode and checks if there are any errors. Simulation mode is selected by default.

Source Object Link Type: The object link type whose object links have to be converted.

Target Object Link Type: The object link type to which the source object links are to be converted.

Standard Variants


Log is generated which indicates the status of the conversion. You can display the logs of the previous production run of the program by choosing Search for Logs.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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