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/RPM/PD_BATCH_UPDATE - Batch Report to Synchronize xPD Concepts and Portf. Mgmt Items

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You use this report to synchronize data between SAP xApp Product Definition (SAP xPD) and Portfolio Management (PPM-PFM) as a batch job. You can execute the report in two modes:

  • Synchronize mode (default)
  • Update concepts mode (non-synchronization mode)

In synchronize mode, the batch report synchronizes the data between concepts in SAP xPD that you updated after uploading them to Portf. Mgmt as items. This applies to data that you update after the last synchronization process between SAP xPD and Portf. Mgmt. This is a two-way synchronization process, with data flowing both ways between Portf. Mgmt and SAP xPD. The synchronization process is based on mapping rules. You determine the time of synchronization in SAP xPD.

In the second mode, the report updates SAP xPD concepts (either all concepts or based on a selection of either portfolios or buckets).


This report is built on top of SAP xPD integration with Portf. Mgmt, whereby SAP xPD concepts are uploaded to Portf. Mgmt as items. After the initial upload from SAP xPD, the data flows in both directions - from xPD concept to Portf. Mgmt item, and vice versa. The data movement is based on the table that maps data between fields in an SAP xPD concept and fields in an Portf. Mgmt item. This table is part of Customizing for Portf. Mgmt.


You have performed the following steps before you run this report:

  1. You have set up integration between SAP xPD and Portf. Mgmt For more information, in Customizing for Portf. Mgmt, choose Base System Interfaces ->SAP xApp Product Definition Integration ->SAP xApp Product Definition Integration Overview.
  2. You have uploaded some SAP xPD concepts to Portf. Mgmt as items.



  1. You select a logical system using the F4 help.
  2. You can enter a language.
    If you leave this field blank, the report uses the logon language.
  3. The Synchronize Mode indicator is selected by default.
    If you deselect this indicator, the report runs in update concept mode as described above.
  4. To restrict the number of concepts that are updated during the update concept mode, you can select a portfolio or bucket. If you select a portfolio or bucket, only Portf. Mgmt items in this portfolio or bucket update the corresponding SAP xPD concepts.

Standard Variants


The system displays numbered messages for the concepts, including items that were synchronized and logs that the system generates during the synchronization process.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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