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You can use this planning data tool to reduce the size of the planning data tables. The system removes financial and capacity planning data from the application data tables according to your selection. You specify archiving data and the specific planning views that the program uses to select data for deletion.

During the process of data removal from the application tables, the system also copies the data that is deleted with this tool to temporary storage tables. This provides you with reference entries for actions taken by the program according to your selection.


Planning data tables exist for buckets and items of a portfolio and these tables contain periodic values associated with capacity and financial planning. With this tool, you delete planning entires from these tables for data that is historically of limited value.


  • Portfolio Selection
  • Portfolio Name: Required. This program is limited to operating on one portfolio per run.

  • Archiving Date: Required. This date represents the date and all prior dates upon which the program acts.

  • Processing Options:
  • Test Mode (No Database Update): If you set this indicator, the data is selected but not deleted or copied by the tool.

  • Planning Data Selection
You can specify subsets of the planning data:
-,,You can choose financial data, capacity data, or both.
-,,You must specify the view of planning data that is to be used for selection.

Standard Variants


Data selected for deletion is also appended to temporary tables for reference and backup activities. After executing the tool, you must refer to the content of the following tables:

RPM_CAPPLAN_ARC - Item capacity planning entries selected

RPM_FINPLAN_ARC - Item financial planning entries selected

RPM_CAPBPLAN_ARC - Bucket capacity planning entries selected

RPM_FINBPLAN_ARC - Bucket financial planning entries selected



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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