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/S4PPM/ASSIGN_SUPER_USER_AUTH - Update Projects Based on Superuser Customizing

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This report enables you to update superuser authorizations in operative projects as configured in Customizing. The system automatically adds or updates superuser authorizations in a project when you create the project or when you change its project type or organizational unit. You need this report to update existing projects in the following cases:

  • When you first introduce the granting of superuser authorizations as project-specific authorizations, for example, after a migration from SAP Portfolio and Project Management to SAP Portfolio and Project Management for SAP S/4HANA
  • When you have changed your superuser Customizing



You have configured superuser authorizations in Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under Common Functions ->Define Superuser Authorizations. For more information, see the documentation of the Customizing activity.


With this report, you can update individual projects or projects with a specific project type, organizational unit or processing status.

You can use this report to perform one of the following actions in the selected projects:

  • Update superuser authorizations based on your Customizing settings
This includes the following:
  • Addition of new superuser authorizations to a project

  • Removal of superuser authorizations no longer valid for the project type or organizational unit of a project

  • Remove obsolete superuser roles as specified

Roles which have been removed entirely from superuser Customizing cannot be identified automatically as obsolete superuser roles. By using this feature, you can specify and remove obsolete roles from the selected projects.

Before the report checks and updates projects, it checks your Customizing for invalid entries which may have been entered before the implementation of SAP Notes 2368248 and 2370116. If an invalid entry is found, an error message is issued in the report results and the corresponding superuser authorizations are deleted from the selected projects.

The report can be executed in test mode or production mode. In a test run, it selects all relevant projects, carries out all checks, displays the results and saves them in a log without updating the projects.


Standard Variants


Directly after the execution of the report, a results table is displayed which provides the following information:

  • ID (Number), GUID (Entity GUID), processing status, project type (Object Subtype) and organizational unit of the selected projects
  • For each project, a list of the corresponding superuser authorizations with the information whether they have been added or deleted
  • Messages issued with respect to individual authorizations

At the same time, an application log is created and saved for log object /S4PPM/AUTH_ANALYSIS, sub-object SUPER_USER_AUTH, which you can open for later analysis using transaction SLG1. The log number is provided in a message issued in status bar below the results table.

On the selection screen of the report, you can specify whether the system should create a summary or a detailed application log. The summary log provides the following information:

  • Execution mode (test or production)
  • Errors and warnings raised, such as update errors, or failure to lock objects
  • Number of projects changed

The detailed application log, furthermore, lists all updates (additions and deletions) made with respect to superuser authorizations in individual projects.

If invalid entries have been found in superuser Customizing, the corresponding error messages are displayed both in the results table and in the application log before the messages related to individual projects.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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