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/SAPAPO/CHECK_CUST_V_ATP07 - Reset Enhanced RBA Settings

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The report Reset Enhanced RBA Settings (/SAPAPO/CHECK_CUST_V_ATP07) is relevant if you want to deactivate the Business Add-In (BAdI) implementation Enhancement of RBA Customizing (/SAPAPO/SIMPLIFY_CUSTOMIZING.

The BAdI implementation provides additional options for the creation and merging of subitems and for the start of the rule evaluation. In addition, you can determine that the system should copy data from the ATP segment to the confirmations. If you deactivate the BAdI implementation, these additional features are no longer available. Therefore, you must adjust the check instructions where you have used the additional features and you have set the corresponding values in the following fields:

Using this report, you can identify the check instructions that contain invalid values and set valid values. You can update the fields individually (that is, independent from each other).





To update a particular field, enter a valid value and select the related Update Invalid Entries checkbox. The report sets this new value in all check instructions that contain an invalid value in this field.

The following table lists the valid values:

FieldValid Values
Start RulesBlank, X
Create SubitemBlank, X
Copy ATP Segment DataBlank

Since there is only one valid value for the Copy ATP Segment Data field (blank), entering a value is not possible for this field. The field is set to blank.

Standard Variants


If you select the Display Only checkbox, the report displays the check instructions that contain invalid settings. Invalid values are highlighted in red. The report does not update invalid settings.

In the update mode, the report adjusts invalid check instructions according to your settings and lists them. For the updated fields, the old and new values are displayed.


  • You can execute the report before or after the deactivation of the BAdI implementation.
  • Depending on the system settings, you can include the changed check instructions in a Customizing request and transport them.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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