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/SAPAPO/CIFSTOPQUEUES - Lock CIF Outbound Queues in Connected SAP R/3 System

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Locking CIF Outbound Queues in a Connected SAP R/3 System


You can use this report to prevent the transfer of data from SAP R/3 if conflicts occur with the SNP or CTM scheduling in SAP APO during the automatic transfer of changes from SAP R/3 via the CIF interface, as a result of which orders are being left out of the CTM planning run.


After you have locked the CIF outbound queue and carried out scheduling in SAP APO, you can unlock the queues once again using report /SAPAPO/CIFSTARTQUEUES.



Standard Variants



Schedule the entire process of locking, scheduling in SAP APO and unlocking as a background job.


You want to stop the transfer of some or all transaction data from SAP R/3 to prevent conflicts with scheduling that is running in SAP APO. Select the queues as follows:

CFSTK* (stocks)

CFSLS* (sales orders and deliveries)

CFPO* (purchase requisitions and purchase orders)

CFPLO* (planned and production orders)

Master data changes will continue to be transferred.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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