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/SAPAPO/CLP_STATUS - Status management: Collaborative Planning

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Collaborative Planning Status Management


In the area of supply chain planning, the term collaborative planning refers to inter and intra enterprise planning within a supply chain. Potential participants in such a joint venture include suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. The goal of planning collaboratively is to reach a consensus-based plan by sharing planning- relevant information among business partners. The consensus plan is then used as a basis for creating even more specific plans for each individual participant. One of the characteristics of collaborative planning is its flexibility meaning that the actual processes can vary greatly from one joint effort to another. Apart from the mutual goal of creating a feasible plan such as a consensus forecast, for example, one of the decisive factors in successful collaborative planning is the constellation of basic conditions. Basic conditions include:

  • The number of partners
  • The number of planning steps
  • The dependencies between the steps
  • The number and the aggregation level of the planning objects per step (for example, product/customer), especially if the aggregation level is different from step to step.

In order to maintain control over the collaborative planning process, in Customizing you define which planning objects (for example, products) are to be processed during which steps at what point in time.

Customizing consists of assigning alerts and statuses to each planning step for the planning objects that are to be processed. Status assignment is the basic method for controlling the process flow and is achieved with DP/SNP macros. Status assignment makes it possible to direct the planning process.



The following functions can be executed with report /SAPAPO/CLP_STATUS:

  • Display, create and delete a Collaborative Planning status
  • Create and delete a selection
  • Maintain a selection text

A detailed description of each function can be found in the F1 Help attached to the respective fields and radio buttons.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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