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/SAPAPO/CONFR_PROD_CONS - Consistency Check Product Master Classification/Configuration

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The report checks if there are technical inconsistencies in the classification and configuration in the product master.

The report checks the following:

  • Configuration relevance of a product
  • Reference to a configurable product
  • References to configuration
  • Configurations no longer referenced by products
  • Invalid class assignments (CDP)





The runtime of the check is influenced by the following settings that define the scope of the check:

  • Use the restrictions by product/location if you think there may be inconsistencies for specific products.
  • Under Checks, select the level at which checks are to be carried out on. Choose product-independent checks if the check is to be restricted by products.

Choose Check and Correct if you wish to correct inconsistencies that were found after the check was carried out. Use this option only after speaking to SAP Support. If there are inconsistencies, create an OSS message under the component SCM-APO-MD-CL.

Standard Variants


Inconsistencies are displayed as a list.

The system can then repair individual or all inconsistencies.

The system stores the check and correction results in the application log. For example, use the 'Existing Logs' function on the initial screen of the report to navigate to the logs of those checks that were already carried out.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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