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/SAPAPO/CRES_CAPACITY_LENGTHEN - Extension of the available capacity of resources in SAP liveCache

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The system determines the available capacity for the validity period specified in the resource master relative to the point in time at which the resource is saved in SAP liveCache.

Since the planning-relevant data of a resource is not changed regularly, as a rule, the available capacity that reaches into the future and that can be used for planning, gets shorter and shorter as time progresses, while the part that reaches into the past gets longer and longer.

You use this report to update the validity period of a resource relative to the point in time at which the report is executed.





Select the planning versions and the resources for which you want to extend the available capacity.

You can also restrict this selection to specific locations.

Standard Variants


The system determines the validity period of the resource relative to the point in time at which the report is executed.

The system deletes the part of the available capacity that is outside the validity period in the past for the selected resources, and extends the available capacity into the future until the end of the validity period.




We recommend that you schedule this report periodically. If messages appear while the report is being executed in the background, the person responsible receives an express document.

You can check the messages that have arisen in the application log for the object RESOURCE.

Note that changes to the available capacity that have been entered manually, such as additional shifts, that are in the past outside the newly generated validity period, are also deleted by the report without any warning.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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