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On the Conditions tab page, you can do the following:

  • Create and edit conditions


You cannot explicitly delete conditions. Conditions are deleted implicitly if they no longer contain values or uses.

Overview of the Pushbuttons

The following explains the pushbuttons you specifically use for editing conditions. The standard pushbuttons you are already familiar with from other applications (for example, insert row, refresh) are not described here.

1 Step Back

With this pushbutton you can go back one editing step. However, this pushbutton has no effect after you have saved.

Move Entries Up

To get a better overview of the definition of conditions, you can insert any number of blank rows between each node definition. When you choose Move Entries Up after you have finished editing, the entries are moved together and the blank rows removed.

Pushbutton in the Values Column

This pushbutton can display the following information:

  • Values exist (green circle)
You have maintained values for the condition.
  • No parameter values (no image on the pushbutton)
Maintain values for the condition.
  • Maintenance (yellow arrow)
You can edit the values on the right-hand side of the tab page.

When you choose the pushbutton, you can edit the values for the condition on the right-hand side of the tab page.

Transfer Data (Right-Hand Side)

After you have entered your values, choose this pushbutton. This takes you back to the list of conditions.

Pushbutton in the Usage Column

You can use this pushbutton to call an overview of the decision trees in which the condition is used.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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