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On the Decision Trees -> Parameter Values tab page, you can do the following:

  • Call an overview of all activities and their parameters including the possible parameter values.
You must have already maintained the possible parameter values for each activity on the Activities -> Parameters tab page.
  • Select parameter values
Select a parameter value for each data source (application).

Overview of the Pushbuttons

The following explains the pushbuttons you specifically use for selecting parameter values. The standard pushbuttons you are already familiar with from other applications (for example, insert row, refresh) are not described here.

Pushbutton in the Parameter Values Column

This pushbutton can display the following information:

  • Parameter values exist (green circle)
You have maintained parameter values but have not yet selected any values.
  • Parameter values selected (pin)
You have selected parameter values.
  • No parameter values (no image on the pushbutton)
First maintain the parameter values on the Activities -> Parameters tab page.
  • Selection (yellow arrow)
You can select the parameter values of this parameter on the right-hand side of the tab page.

If you click on the green circle or the pin, you can select the parameter values for the corresponding parameters on the right-hand side of the tab page. To do so, choose the pushbutton in the Selection column. The button then has a pin.

Transfer Data
After you have selected your parameter values, choose this pushbutton. This takes you back to the list of parameters.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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