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You can use this report to display and delete orders for a planning version that have been created by a PP/DS application and that are flagged as PP/DS orders. This involves the following orders:

  • PP/DS planned orders
  • Matrix orders
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Procurement scheduling agreement schedule lines
  • Planned independent requirements created in PP/DS
You cannot delete planned independent requirements from Demand Planning or from SAP R/3 using this report.

In inactive planning versions, you can also use this report to delete manufacturing orders and purchase orders. This is not possible in the active planning version.

You can select the orders to be displayed or deleted according to criteria such as product, location, and time period. The report also offers the following options:

  • You can delete orders for products that you plan in an external system
  • To remove inconsistencies in the subcontracting scenario, you can delete the planned orders of subcontracting orders
  • If you delete orders in the active planning version, you can send the deletion information to external systems

You can only use the report to delete an order if you have authorizations for the planning version and for the following product:

  • For a procurement proposal (for example, for a planned order) for the output product
  • For a requirement (temporary CTP requirement and PP/DS planned independent requirement) for the input product





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