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/SAPAPO/DM_REORG_PROD_LOC_TD - Reorganization of Time-Dependent Location Product Data

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Use this report to delete:

  • Expired time-dependent data for selected location products or
  • Delete all time-dependent data (including future data) for a single time-dependent field and for selected location products


Because time-dependent data constantly increases, this report enables you to delete all expired time-dependent data considered in the history value in Customizing (indicates for how long in the past data should not be deleted).

Using the selection fields Location and Product, you can determine all the location products for which the time-dependent data should be deleted.

A second feature is the deletion of all time-dependent data for a single field. If a field was previously defined as time-dependent and will now be defined as non-time-dependent (via Customizing), the existing time-dependent data no longer makes sense and should be deleted. For this purpose there is a selection field Time Dependent Field Name. All time-dependent data for this field will be deleted. Additionally, the Remove All Time-Dependent Data checkbox must be selected on the selection screen. The setting of the Remove All Time-Dependent Data checkbox determines whether the system deletes all or only the obsolete time-dependent data. If you use the Location selection mentioned above in combination with the selection field Time-Dependent Field Name, then all time-dependent data for this field for the selected location products will be deleted.

When deleting time-dependent data, the system checks whether the time-dependence checkbox (indicating whether time-dependant data exists for a location product) is set and, if so, clears the time-dependent data after the deletions.

There is also a Test Run (Display Only) checkbox. When this checkbox is selected, the system does not do any physical deletion, but displays a results list for the selection criteria entered. The test run makes it possible to check the consequences of running the report before you actually delete the data.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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