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You can use this program to automatically remove entries that are no longer needed from table /SAPAPO/EOGL_LPP.

One or more variants of the program are set up as periodic background processing.


The program is required if the length calculation parameters of production orders are saved in the LPP scenario. You can switch the save option on and off in Customizing.


You work with Long Products Planning and have customized your system so that length calculation parameters are saved for the location.



You can select the entries to be deleted using the following parameters:

  • Product (select option)
  • Location (select option)
  • Storage Time (single value)

In the Storage Timefield, you specify how many days older the entries must be than the availability date of the order before they are selected for deletion.

Comment: The planned availability date of an order is also saved in the table entries. If the order is rescheduled, the date in the table entries is not automatically adjusted. The new availability date is only stored if the user changes the LPP parameters after rescheduling. If major rescheduling is required, you need to increase the storage time accordingly. In practice, it is better to reschedule first and then change the LPP parameters.

Standard Variants


After selection, the program displays the entries to be deleted in an ALV. The user can either delete all the displayed entries using the deletion button, or terminate the program by choosing Back, Exit, or Cancel.

The objective of using this program is to delete obsolete parameters of production orders that have already been executed. If the program determines that some of the parameters belong to orders that still exist in APO, the system issues a warning message. If the program runs in background mode, the system cannot issue any warnings and the entries are deleted.



If you specify that you want the length calculation parameters for a specific location and group of products to be stored for 40 days after the availability date of the production orders and then deleted automatically, a program variant with these selection parameters is set up and periodically scheduled as background processing.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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