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Report /SAPAPO/MC01_CACL_CDP_CONSIST is executed during the preparation phase for the upgrade of SAP APO 3.0 or SAP APO 3.1 to SAP APO 4.0.




The report corrects the data required for the upgrade report /SAPAPO/MC01_3X_40.
For example, the table fields /SAPAPO/TMC01KL-CLINT and /SAPAPO/TMC01MM-ATINN may not be correctly filled due to program errors in an earlier delivery. These fields have not had a function until now. For the upgrade report /SAPAPO/MC01_3X_40, however, these fields must have correct values. The system attempts to correct the field content.

It is also possible that class and characteristic master data only exists in the format of the CDP class system. This can happen during an upgrade from SAP APO 3.0 to SAP APO 4.0. The system then makes the necessary data correction and also copies the class and characteristic master data of the CDP class system into the classic class system (CA-CL). This data is a requirement for operation in SAP APO 4.0.


The report is started automatically with all selection parameters.

Standard Variants

The SAP standard variant SAP&MC01_CONS exists.


Issue takes place in the file MC01_CACL_CDP_CONSIST.SID (SystemID) of the log directory for the preparation phase ($DIR_PUT/LOG).


The report runs automatically in the preparation phase, before the actual upgrade. Do not make any entries during the program execution.
The program can determine whether a user has to take action. For more information, see the log file.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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