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/SAPAPO/MIGRATE_BOUNDS - Upgrade program for migration of MLR Diagnosis groups

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As of release SCM 7.0 the database table for Diagnosis Groups in MLR forecasting shall be replaced from /SAPAPO/T_BOUNDS to /SAPAPO/MLRBDS. Hence, table /SAPAPO/T_BOUNDS shall be obsolete. This program (/SAPAPO/MIGRATE_BOUNDS) is intended to migrate the content of /SAPAPO/T_BOUNDS into table /SAPAPO/MLRBDS.


Please process this program either in the foreground or in the background in transaction SE38 or SA38 right after the upgrade to SCM release 7.0 to make sure you would be able to use MLR forecasting in your upgraded system. If you have ever run this program you would not be able to run it any more.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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