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/SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDER - Deletion Report for Temporary Quantity Assignments

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Delete Temporary Quantity Assignments


There are situations in which Temporary Quantity Assignments exist in SAP APO although they are not longer being used. In this case it is recommended to delete old temporary quantity assignments from time to time. Otherwise, this can lead to a quantity being locked and unable to be confirmed even if it is actually capable of being confirmed.

To delete temporary quantity assignments you use the following report: /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDER.




Enter a user in the user field. You may leave the field blank if necessary as long as the temporary quantity assignments are to be deleted without referring to a particular user. Select the Basic Method(s) that have led to a temporary quantity assignment and/or Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). If necessary, enter the type and the persistency indicator of the temporary quantity assignment as selection criteria. Through entries in time fields (days, hours, minutes, seconds) you can determine that temporary quantity assignments that are older than the time period entered are deleted.

As an additional selection criterion you can enter the expiry data for the temporary quantity assignments. As a result of this, only those temporary quantity assignments that have passed their expiry date are deleted.

Standard Variants





You should not set the time period too short, according to which the temporary quantity assignments are to be deleted. Otherwise, you may delete temporary quantity assignments that are still needed.

You should ensure that the temporary quantity assignments to be deleted do not originate from processes that have not yet finished.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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